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2021 Patch Management Best Practices Guide

Get insight into when to schedule patching scans and updates, how to configure patching approvals, the most common patching profiles, and more.
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How to Remotely Manage BitLocker Disk Encryption Using PowerShell and NinjaRMM

Still manually managing BitLocker disk encryption? Use NinjaRMM and PowerShell to automate encryption along with collecting and storing recovery keys.
ninja tricks of the trade resources center

4 Ways to Remotely Uninstall Software (and Keep it Uninstalled with Automation)

Learn how NinjaRMM can help you automate the process of remotely uninstalling software across client end-users or entire organizations.
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What Should You Be Monitoring with Your RMM? 28 Recommendations

Wondering what you should be monitoring with your RMM? This remote monitoring checklist will give you 28 recommendations to implement.
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Practical PowerShell for MSPs

Kelvin Tegelaar, author of the popular blog, provides simplified overviews of fundamental PowerShell concepts plus straightforward walkthroughs that put those concepts into action.
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Syncing a CSV with Active Directory

Adam Bertram of GitHub is back to tell you all about how to utilize PowerShell to sync information from CSVs with Active Directory. Check out his post to learn helpful tips, tricks, and safety precautions.
Cleaning up the Active Directory

3 Ways to Keep Active Directory Clean

Everyone knows the importance of a clean Active Directory, but it's finding the time to clean it that becomes the issue. Here are three ways we suggest for how to keep your Active Directory clean.
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