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Shadow IT: A Drag On Business You Should Manage

Shadow IT Report Announcement

By its very nature, shadow IT is often unseen by IT security teams - an oversight that routinely puts organizations at risk of violating data privacy laws, distorting IT budgets and being exposed to nefarious actors. In a remote work environment, shadow IT poses a new threat that must be actively managed. 


To better understand the shadow IT behaviors of employees working remotely due to COVID-19, NinjaRMM surveyed 400 remote workers in the UK across multiple industries. 

What we do in the shadows: The Dangers of hidden IT behavior


We learned that while the majority of respondents were indeed aware of their organization’s security policies, employees will often skirt the rules, using an array of physical devices like hard drives and smartphones and digital tools like communication and business software. Recommendations based on the survey results suggest frequent security training combined with clear policies and frictionless IT experiences can reduce or eliminate some of the reasons employees turn to shadow devices and applications in the first place.


In the remote work era, full management of devices that interact with company data should be in place. It’s the job of leadership to understand the needs and obstacles of their team and set the tone and policies when it comes to basic security hygiene. 


To learn more about how shadow IT is impacting the organization and how to turn these security gaps into opportunities, download our full report: 


What we do in the shadows: The Dangers of hidden IT behavior


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