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Can Technology Prevent the Next Wave of COVID-19 Inside Senior Care Facilities?

Disease Management and Monitoring

TechRunner IT CEO Dan Komis and AlphaRidge CEO Alex Margovsky — two MSPs in the Long Island, New York region — have teamed up to bring a novel disease management solution to senior care facilities. Powered by NinjaRMM's network monitoring solution, their new venture, VivaTrace, is making healthcare management easier and more productive.

COVID-19 has revealed the value of technology in powering the next generation of disease management and monitoring. In the last year, researchers have employed “high tech” solutions like machine learning for drug discovery and development. At the same time, “low tech” solutions like wearables to track individual locations and health data have proven to be an effective method for proactively tracking, containing, and treating potential outbreaks.  Read more

Kodie Dower

Entertainment in a COVID-world: Why VR May Be the Future of Live Experiences

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If you’re in the US, “in-person” experiences are still very much restricted across the majority of the country. Many states are only now beginning to emerge from stay-at-home orders, and consumers are looking to escape the boredom of weeks spent at home. As the country attempts to reopen, technology-powered excursions will be critical for keeping consumers safe while providing new opportunities for businesses.

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Alticap: Powering France’s Hidden Digital Revolution

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The times are a-changing and nowhere is that more true than in the rapid digitalization of small businesses. From rapidly changing consumer preferences to unplanned pandemics, businesses today are under enormous pressure to supply frictionless experiences.

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Keeping a Senior Care Facility Connected During COVID-19

senior care it support during covid-19

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At the center of the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S., Long Island, NY-based TechRunner IT has helped senior care facility staff and residents stay connected when it matters most.

If you talked with a random selection of business owners about IT infrastructure six months ago, many may have admitted it wasn’t the top thing on their mind. Fast-forward to today and obviously things have changed. With widespread restrictions designed to limit the spread of COVID-19 requiring many employees to work remotely and businesses to radically adapt overnight, IT infrastructure has played a pivotal role in keeping many operations afloat.

Whether businesses were lucky enough to have the right infrastructure in place before the pandemic can largely depend on whether they had someone like Dan Komis advocating for it. Read more

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[Case Study] Easy to do Business With, NinjaRMM Wins Out Over Other RMMs For Business of North Carolina MSP Halcyon Support

Download the full case study here.

Nicholas Walker, who runs an MSP in Charlotte, North Carolina called Halcyon Support, endured a lot from his RMM. There was subpar support, aggressive pricing, and unreliable alerting. But when the product caused him to lose a potential client, he got fed up.

The root of the fateful problem was the very large “agent” software that needs to be installed on client machines.

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[Case Study] HIPAA Requires IT Managers to Run a Tight Ship – That’s Why Georgia Bone & Joint Surgeons Picked NinjaRMM

Why Georgia Bone & Joint Chose NinjaRMM

All IT managers face pressure to keep customers happy – but HIPAA regulations that require meticulous siloing of medical records add a whole new level of stress.

“If anything happens and patient information leaks out, it’s a huge fine,” says Nick Cappello, IT manager at Georgia Bone & Joint Surgeons, P.C.  “And if it’s something where I should’ve known better, I could actually see jail time.”

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Securing a Financial Services Firm and Bringing it Back into Compliance

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Ransomware Infection Reveals Bigger Problems For Financial Firm

In addition to paying ransom fees to retrieve locked files, inadequate security protection puts a financial service firm out of compliance with industry regulations.

For more than seven years, Anthony Oren has been the CEO and tech maven of Nero Consulting, an MSP and technology consultant in New York City that specializes in providing cloud-based solutions and business continuity strategies for a flat monthly fee to businesses of all sizes and industries.

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