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Practical PowerShell for MSPs

Kelvin Tegelaar, author of the popular blog CyberDrain.com, provides simplified overviews of fundamental PowerShell concepts plus straightforward walkthroughs that put those concepts into action.

Turning Customer Feedback into Rocket Fuel

Cory Brown, co-founder of Simplesat, shares ways you can collect more meaningful feedback, more easily, and then transform it into actionable business insights and marketing materials for your MSP.

How to Survive a Coordinated Ransomware Attack

Huntress Labs CEO Kyle Hanslovan shares what he's seen firsthand from working with more than 40 MSPs who had their tools hijacked to deploy ransomware across their entire client base.

Surviving Ransomare Pt 3: Legal Risk & Cyber Insurance FAQs

MSP legal authority Bradley Gross teams up with techrug founder Justin Reinmuth to cover everything MSPs need to know about cyber insurance and lowering their legal risk associated with cyber attacks.

Surviving Ransomware Pt 2: Q&A with an Incident Response Provider

Tyler Hudak and Paul Sems from TrustedSec join us to talk about what incident providers do and how MSPs can work with them, plus share detailed breakdowns of two ransomware incidents they battled in the wild.

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