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Rogue WAN: A Data Breach Story

Can you hack it as the Empire's new IT support? Join us on May the 4th at 2pm ET for a one-of-a-kind cybersecurity workshop.
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MSP Security Summit 2021

Elevate your security and your clients' peace of mind with four practical sessions led by your favorite experts.
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Ransomware Resiliency Report 2020

New research conducted by NinjaRMM and Coveware highlights the gap in perceived risk and anticipated damage from ransomware attacks vs. the reality.
msp security summit

MSP Security Summit

Watch our lineup of interactive discussions on how you can better protect your company and your clients.
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Giving Users Secure Remote Access to Work from Home

Find out how NinjaRMM's end user sharing feature allows you to give users the ability securely access their desktop remotely, so they can stay productive and secure working from home.
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Top Phishing Lures and Malicious Email Disguises to Watch Out For

Protect your clients from this year's scariest scams and creepiest compromises by teaching them how to see through the most common malspam and phishing disguises.

Must-Know Ransomware Statistics and Attack Trends 2020

From massive increases in ransom amounts to big shifts in attack models, these statistics reveal the major new trends in ransomware.
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How to Survive a Coordinated Ransomware Attack

Huntress Labs CEO Kyle Hanslovan shares what he's seen firsthand from working with more than 40 MSPs who had their tools hijacked to deploy ransomware across their entire client base.
How DNS protection blocks malware

How DNS Protection Stops Malware

Ninja and Webroot present a webinar on how DNS protection can stop malware and other harmful threats. Watch now to learn more about how you can improve your clients' cybersecurity.
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Why MSPs Are Big Targets — And What to Do About It

Cyber attacks targeting MSPs and their customers are on the rise. Find out what the top threats are and which cyber security best practices you should be putting to use to keep your MSP business safe.

Cybersecurity Stats You Need to Know in 2019

The latest cybersecurity statistics show small businesses are becoming increasingly big targets for cyber attacks. Find out how often SMBs are getting hacked, how much it's costing them, the top security challenges they're facing, and who they're turning to for help.
EDR Statistics

How MSPs Are Using Endpoint Detection & Response Tools

MSPs looking to level-up from traditional antivirus are turning to endpoint detection and response tools. But how many have actually adopted EDR? What about these tools works — and doesn't work — for MSPs? And how does that compare with the traction EDR tools are getting in the internal IT world?
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2019 MSP Cybersecurity Checklist

Get a practical checklist for protecting your MSP business from ransomware and other threats, complete with links to helpful how-tos and walkthroughs.
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6 Keys to Surviving a Ransomware Outbreak

With client-wide ransomware infections being reported on a weekly basis, MSPs need to need to be focusing on incident response planning now. Huntress Labs CEO Kyle Hanslovan shares the key lessons he's learned firsthand from working with nearly 40 MSPs who have been compromised.
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