COVID-19 Resources

Get access to the latest info and tools for navigating this challenging time.

adapting sales and marketing to COVID

Adapting Sales and Marketing During the Crisis

For this week's MSP Live Chat we were joined by Kevin Clune, co-founder at MSP Growth Hacks, to answer a question we've been hearing a lot: "How are you supposed to be generating leads and new clients for your MSP during a time like this?"
MSP reactions to COVID-19

MSP Reactions to COVID-19

Watch our very first MSP Live Chat session where we invited MSPs together to talk openly about how they're coping with the COVID-19 crisis and finding solutions to their toughest challenges.
Remote access options

Giving Users Secure Remote Access to Work from Home

Find out how NinjaRMM's end user sharing feature allows you to give users the ability securely access their desktop remotely, so they can stay productive and secure working from home.
adapting MSP client communication to COVID-19

Handling COVID-Related Requests for Discounts, Deferrals, and Cancellations

Hear how fellow MSPs are adapting their approach to client communication during this crisis, and how they're responding to requests for things like discounts, deferments, or contract changes.
Managed Services Agreement sample force majeure language

Adapting to COVID-19: Force Majeure Updates for Your Managed Services Agreement

If you're like many MSPs, you may be finding that your Managed Services Agreement doesn't adequately cover the current COVID-influenced circumstances. These sample clauses can help.
PPP financial aid explained

How to Get Financial Aid via the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

Trying to navigate the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to receive potentially business-saving financial aid for your MSP? Tune in to this MSP Live Chat session where accountant and financial advisor Joel Friend took on all questions.