Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get charged differently for monitoring workstations, servers SNMP devices, or cloud monitors?

We charge the same per device, per month. Cloud monitors are included for free.

Do I need a server or any type internal infrastructure to support monitoring devices?

NinjaRMM’s cloud-based architecture scales as you grow. There are no additional infrastructure requirements.

Do I need a WSUS Server to enable patch management on Windows devices?

NinjaRMM has a built-in patching engine that will override WSUS settings. Approval and scheduling settings are managed centrally from the cloud.

Can I have consolidated billing with your third party integration vendors?

NinjaRMM can provide consolidated billing for remote access (TeamViewer, Splashtop), antivirus / anti-malware (Webroot, Bitdefender, Malwarebytes), backup (StorageCraft). Please inquire with your account manager for more details.

How do I receive version upgrades?

We release new features on a regular cadence. All subscribers will have access to any new feature. For more information, please refer to our support community.

Can you develop X feature?

We publish engineering updates via our community ( We work with our customers to decide on roadmap priority.

Do you have an API?

NinjaRMM provides a comprehensive API that includes devices, organizations, and alerts information.

Where are the NinjaRMM servers located?

NinjaRMM partners with Amazon Web Services to deploy our services across the entire globe.

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