Andy Zhu

Cybersecurity and Why Patching is Important – NinjaRMM and Ivanti Co-Webinar

According to a 2017 survey from threat intelligence firm Farsight Security, 49% of cybersecurity professionals experienced a WannaCry-like security incident in the last year. Of those 49%, a further 72% said similar security events had happened at least three times that year.

With cybersecurity being a centerpiece of news headlines in 2017, how do you keep your endpoints and clients secure?

Todd, Senior Product Manager from Ivanti will talk about macro trends enterprise companies are facing about cybersecurity and some suggestions / best practices for IT controls to reduce cyber-attacks. Patching OS and third-party applications is often overlooked but is still a very effective way to reduce the most common cyber-attacks.

NinjaRMM is partnering with Ivanti to provide an enterprise-grade patching framework to Managed Service Providers. We’ll briefly discuss how you can leverage the Ninja platform to keep Windows AND third-party office applications (Adobe, Apple, Chrome, Java, etc) up-to-date and reduce the number of cyber-attacks in your network!