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Three Important Areas of Focus for MSPs in 2017

MSP Focus

Today's office systems and office places have become more and more complex to manage. For that reason, MSPs have a big task and responsibility to their clients to monitor network activities and provide security. As today's web threats continue to evolve and resist traditional methods of protection like firewalls, malware removal, and anti-viruses, MSPs face a challenge of finding solutions that integrate effectiveness, efficiency, and service delivery systems to monitor and secure clients’ networks.

Listed below are some of the MSPs' trends to look into in 2017 include:

1. Cloud migration

Business experts predict that soon, more than 80% of companies will have started using some form of cloud services. MSPs are looking to integrate cloud service to their operations to consistently provide better services avoid future regrets of overlooking the cloud.

2. Rapid growth of Internet of Things

It's not a secret, internet of things grows each passing day exponentially. For MSPs, this provides an opportunity to connect with, and integrate its services with other industrial systems efficiently to help clients monitor and analyze data captured on Internet of Things.

3. Rapidly evolving cyber security

Unlike the traditional cyber threats that could get controlled quickly, today's threats are changing quite rapidly. The MSPs' chief security priority is to stay one step ahead to identification, tracking, and elimination of a threat before it causes significant damages.

Many organizations are now seeking MSPs' protection from cyber threats like ransom ware. To stay relevant, MSPs are aiming at finding mechanisms to protect against cyber threats and protect their customer's networks and data.

As an MSP, what areas are you focusing on for 2017?