Andrew Rosenblum

[Case Study] HIPAA Requires IT Managers to Run a Tight Ship – That’s Why Georgia Bone & Joint Surgeons Picked NinjaRMM

Why Georgia Bone & Joint Chose NinjaRMM

All IT managers face pressure to keep customers happy – but HIPAA regulations that require meticulous siloing of medical records add a whole new level of stress.

“If anything happens and patient information leaks out, it’s a huge fine,” says Nick Cappello, IT manager at Georgia Bone & Joint Surgeons, P.C.  “And if it’s something where I should’ve known better, I could actually see jail time.”

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Andy Zhu

How DNS Protection Stops Malware in its Tracks

The simple act of using the web today can be the source of major security risks for your clients. Leveraged or compromised websites laden with malicious code, malvertising, and drive-by downloads can make any website a tool of the attack. And with every potential for infection comes the risk of breaches, data theft, reputation loss, and financial repercussions. Luckily, Webroot SecureAnywhere® DNS Protection gives admins a straightforward, effective way to filter unwanted web traffic and prevent threats.

Join this webinar with NinjaRMM and Webroot to learn how DNS Protection:

-Reduces infections and remediation costs -Enforces acceptable use policies for end users and guests

-Secures Windows®, Apple®, Linux, Android®, and iOS® devices

-Blocks websites according to category (malware, adult, productivity, etc)

Interested NinjaRMM customers can sign up for DNS protection and deploy instantly on our platform today!

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Andy Zhu

Cybersecurity and Why Patching is Important – NinjaRMM and Ivanti Co-Webinar

According to a 2017 survey from threat intelligence firm Farsight Security, 49% of cybersecurity professionals experienced a WannaCry-like security incident in the last year. Of those 49%, a further 72% said similar security events had happened at least three times that year.

With cybersecurity being a centerpiece of news headlines in 2017, how do you keep your endpoints and clients secure?

Todd, Senior Product Manager from Ivanti will talk about macro trends enterprise companies are facing about cybersecurity and some suggestions / best practices for IT controls to reduce cyber-attacks. Patching OS and third-party applications is often overlooked but is still a very effective way to reduce the most common cyber-attacks.

NinjaRMM is partnering with Ivanti to provide an enterprise-grade patch management software to Managed Service Providers. We’ll briefly discuss how you can leverage the Ninja platform to keep Windows AND third-party office applications (Adobe, Apple, Chrome, Java, etc) up-to-date and reduce the number of cyber-attacks in your network!

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Andy Zhu

Only Multi-Vector Protection Can Keep Your Clients Secure

The NinjaRMM-Webroot Cybersecurity Education Series aims to educate IT professionals about the cyber threats facing our IT environments and the best ways to stop them.

We were excited to have Josh Owen from Webroot present “Only Multi-Vector Protection Can Keep Your Clients Secure”.

Single-vector endpoint protection can only stop threats at one stage of an attack, but even more challenges arise as today’s cybercriminals combine a range of threat technologies to attack businesses and their clients in stages, from multiple angles—or “vectors.”

In this session, Josh covered the complexities of modern cyber threats and why only multi-vector protection can keep your clients secure through the various stages of a cyberattack, across multiple vectors.

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Andy Zhu

Cost Effective Backups with CloudBerry Ninja Edition

NinjaRMM is partnering with CloudBerry to bring to market the CloudBerry Ninja Edition. This edition is an easy to use, SaaS-based backup platform that includes all the capabilities of CloudBerry with incredible pricing. 

During this webinar David from CloudBerry and AJ from NinjaRMM will review the following features:
*Remote management and deployment
* White-labeling
* API and CLI integrations
* Reporting
* Onboarding Process for interested partners

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Andy Zhu

NinjaRMM and Webroot Integration Reveal!

We are excited to announce the single pane integration between NinjaRMM and Webroot.

The webinar will cover all major aspects on the integration, including:

* Sync organizations and devices from NinjaRMM into Webroot Global Site Manager. Use NinjaRMM as the single source of truth for Webroot licensing and provisioning.

* Remediate on identified threats within the NinjaRMM dashboards.

* On-demand scanning for a particular device or groups of devices.

* Webroot SecureAnywhere DNS Protection deployment.

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Andy Zhu

NinjaRMM Product Update Webinar

Andy from NinjaRMM talks about all the latest and greatest features in



our May 2017 Release.

Topics covered include:

*Device Search – how to build a query to search for specific devices

*Systray Icon – how to configure and deploy

*Remote Command Line – tips and tricks

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Andy Zhu

Case Study – Nero Consulting

Ransomware Infection Reveals Bigger Problems For Financial Firm

In addition to paying ransom fees to retrieve locked files, inadequate security protection puts a financial service firm out of compliance with industry regulations.

For more than seven years, Anthony Oren has been the CEO and tech maven of Nero Consulting, an MSP and technology consultant in New York City that specializes in providing cloud-based solutions and business continuity strategies for a flat monthly fee to businesses of all sizes and industries.

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Natan Ovadia

3 Reasons It’s the Right Time to Become an MSSP

Your customers have already bought into the as-a-service business model; why not take the next step and deliver the security services they need, too?

Companies are finally realizing that cybersecurity threats aren’t just a passing fad — they’re here to stay, and they must be taken seriously. And, research from MarketsandMarkets suggests they’re doing just that. In its 2016 Managed Security Service Market report, the firm revealed the managed security service market size is estimated to grow from about $17 billion in 2016 to nearly $34 billion by 2021, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.6 percent during the forecast period.

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AJ Singh

MSPs: Use RMM to Gain a Competitive Advantage


Every Managed Service Provider (MSP) is looking for a way to stand out in the marketplace. Competition is getting fierce, and companies with the most outstanding customer service will achieve a competitive advantage. The use of Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software is critical to establishing market dominance because its capabilities allow you to collaborate with your customers to keep their systems running well.

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Natan Ovadia

March Madness, the MSP, and the Network: the Quick Guide to Survival

With March Madness underway, MSPs will need to address the associated increases in web traffic and potential bottlenecks to networks. As with any predictable spike in web traffic, MSPs are best advised to work in advance of potential problems.

Stay Ahead

Rather than simply jumping in to solve problems as they arise (“putting out fires”), MSPs should identify which clients are more susceptible to problems associated with high web traffic related to the basketball tournament. Read more

AJ Singh

Deliver Ongoing IT Services and Network Monitoring Beyond Break/Fix

Recently, we here at Ninja have had many conversations with Ninja customers and prospects. In most cases, the topic of conversation shifts to business development, revenue cycle and ways to use Ninja to better service customers. It’s interesting to see at the industry trade shows, MSPs tend to spend more time at sessions that focus on growing their business and revenue.  Less time seems to spent evaluating the software and solution vendors that are at these events. Perhaps the simplest recommendation those in the industry have offered is that MSPs shift away from the traditional ‘Break/Fix’ model to a professional IT services model of billing and service delivery.

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Natan Ovadia

Two Guaranteed Security Trends for 2017

A New Year means new expectations, resolutions, and a newly resolved outlook for your business. Unfortunately, that also means that the threats to your network and security will be changing with the times as well. However, it’s not like these are entirely unknown threats. Cyber attacks, DDoS, malware, and password phishing are probably the things that come to mind the most, but here are two largely overlooked threats to your security that have seen more usage lately:

Social Engineering Attacks

These are way harder to deal with than a simple brute force attack or a DDoS case because these rely on psychological manipulation and human to human interaction. Simply put, it’s applying hacking to real life. While it’s certainly not new, but it has seen a recent spike and resurgence within the last year. Many companies, YouTubers, and other prominent figures were hacked because of a few phone calls to some unsuspecting customer support representatives. All it takes is the right tone of voice, a few phone calls, and the right questions for vital information to be leaked and exposed.

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Natan Ovadia

Three Important Areas of Focus for MSPs in 2017

Today’s office systems and office places have become more and more complex to manage. For that reason, MSPs have a big task and responsibility to their clients to monitor network activities and provide security. As today’s web threats continue to evolve and resist traditional methods of protection like firewalls, malware removal, and anti-viruses, MSPs face a challenge of finding solutions that integrate effectiveness, efficiency, and service delivery systems to monitor and secure clients’ networks.

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