Team Ninja

Introducing the NinjaRMM Mobile App, VMware Monitoring, and More

It’s been a busy summer in the NinjaRMM development dojo. The product team has been working around the clock leading up to our 4.3 release. Now that it’s officially launched we’re excited to share what’s new!

NinjaRMM — now available anytime, anywhere on mobile

Making the biggest splash this release cycle is our brand new iOS mobile app. The buildup for this has been huge. Our partners are routinely out on the road visiting clients or partners, and in the back of their mind they’re always thinking about what happens if there’s an emergency. With the mobile app, now they can be confident knowing they can take the complete visibility, access, and control NinjaRMM offers them everywhere they go. They can respond to real-time alerts, quickly jump into the app to investigate, and remediate instantly, right from their phone.

Partners have been excited about the prospects of a mobile app for a long time. Now that it’s here we’re really thrilled to see that it doesn’t disappoint!

If you’re a NinjaRMM customer you can find it on the App Store here. The 5-star reviews are extremely validating and rewarding to see.

NinjaRMM mobile app review

For a sneak peek of what mobile looks like in action, check out the video below:

The 5-star reviews are fantastic (please keep them coming!), but we don’t plan on stopping here. Because this is the first iteration of our mobile app we definitely consider it to be a work in progress. and we’re actively seeking any and all suggestions for ways we can make it even better. The goal is to provide the best mobile RMM experience possible, so please don’t hesitate to share feedback that can help us take the next step.

Btw, Android users, we haven’t forgotten about you. With iOS launched, Android is next on the list, with a launch anticipated for later this year.

VMware monitoring

Mobile may be the headliner, but this is another eagerly anticipated feature we’re really excited about. With virtual machine utilization continuing to soar, NinjaRMM’s new VMware monitoring provides critical capabilities like performance monitoring, alerting, and policy configuration, all seamlessly integrated into the NinjaRMM platform. Ask your AM for more details on getting setup.

Extended patch management capabilities

Rounding out the big three of 4.3 is a major upgrade to NinjaRMM’s patch management functionality. The new advancement gives NinjaRMM partners the ability to automate Windows feature and driver updates — a long-standing source of frustration for IT professionals.

As our VP Product AJ Singh explains, “NinjaRMM has already been ranked #1 when it comes to patch management capabilities, but automating Windows feature and driver updates raises the bar even more. It saves partners the hassle of installing these updates manually, and makes it even easier for them to ensure their end users’ machines are always securely up to date.”

The new capabilities build off the release of NinjaRMM’s credential exchange functionality, a feature included in the 4.2 release that allows partners to securely pass admin credentials to devices for a variety of tasks.

What’s next?

Looking ahead, the product team will continue to launch major new releases every 45 – 60 days. With each cycle, we’re dedicated to bringing new value to our partners, both in expected and unexpected ways. Our goal is to keep raising the bar. Next week, we’ll share a post from our CEO Salvatore Sferlazza that offers a sneak peek of what that means for 4.4.