Sal Sferlazza

Spotlight on NinjaRMM's EMEA Leadership and Expansion

NinjaRMM EMEA expansion

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood

During any given week, there's no lack of exciting things happening at Ninja. As the company continues to rapidly grow, I want to help provide visibility into all aspects of that growth, especially now that contributions are coming from colleagues located all over the world.

This week's focus: EMEA expansion.

Growing our presence in the EMEA market is an important strategic opportunity for NinjaRMM, and we have a terrific team in charge of making that happen.

Heading up that team is Andre Schindler. Andre came to NinjaRMM from TeamViewer, and his proven track record of launching successful international programs and partnerships will play a critical role in our ability to capitalize on the EMEA market’s rapidly increasing demand for RMM software.

Andre describes what drew him to the opportunity, and the significance of basing the company's operations out of Berlin like this:


Why are you excited about bringing NinjaRMM to EMEA?

The RMM market in EMEA is really such a green space. From the outside looking in, there is a clear need for a product like NinjaRMM, but many companies are just beginning to understand and articulate that.

NinjaRMM's combination of rich features and amazing user experience makes it a clear choice to establish itself as an early leader in the market. I’m extremely excited to be building out the team responsible for accomplishing that.

What makes Berlin the ideal location for launching EMEA operations?

Berlin is at the epicenter of innovation and technology growth in Europe. By basing our operations here we are putting ourselves in a position to tap into that energy and make our own contributes to the community, as well. The concentrated pool of top multi-lingual tech talent is a huge draw, and it will be another one of the company’s key advantages.


More background on Andre: Prior to joining NinjaRMM, Andre was a 10-year veteran at TeamViewer, where he was Head of Sales for North and South America and subsequently Director of Business Development and Partnerships. We're excited to have him and his team spearheading efforts to make NinjaRMM an international success!

Want to join Andre and the rest of us in building something special? We’re hiring! Check out our current job openings here.