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In new poll on RMM quality, NinjaRMM tops the voting in key categories

Competing in a crowded field of 11 different companies that provide remote management and monitoring (RMM) software solutions, NinjaRMM earned the top score in 3 separate categories in a recent MSP Reddit poll: most stable, best patch management functionality, and best support. In a survey of roughly 380 responses from managed service providers (MSP), who specialize in providing IT services to small and medium-sized companies, NinjaRMM emerged as the #2 most admired RMM overall, scoring a 3.51, narrowly trailing the top vote-getter’s 3.53.

Since its founding in 2013, the recent survey results are a resounding vote of confidence for NinjaRMM’s streamlined reinvention of the RMM – innovative product features packaged into a seamless user experience. And the company’s MSP partners have noticed.

“The team at NinjaRMM has built a solution that simplifies the RMM platform with a modern approach,” says Lucas Wellman, who founded the CA-based MSP Status Pros. “NinjaRMM is by far our best and leading solution, loved by all of our clients.”

For Sid Collum, who runs his own MSP in Texas, Ninja’s ease-of-use has had a big impact on profitability. 

“Ninja has been a perfect fit for us and has been instrumental in improving the profitability of my contracts through automated patch management, maintenance scripts, and a great remote administration tool,” he says.

The emphasis on user-friendliness  was the result of an eye-opening internal survey with over 500 MSPs in the early days of the company,. Respondents said legacy RMMs were overly complex and hurt the MSPs’ bottom lines because they were so hard to use. MSPs had to spend heavily on training, ongoing staffing, and hardware to keep the systems running smoothly.

“With Ninja, we built the features that people actually need and made them easy to use,” said A.J. Singh, vice president of product at the company. “A first-time user can get the product running in 5 minutes.”

NinjaRMM Tops the Rankings for Reliability

The top ranking for stability and reliability is a particular triumph for Singh and NinjaRMM, as an MSP simply cannot function if its RMM goes down. On a scale of 1-5, NinjaRMM received an aggregate score of 3.99, topping all of the other players in the industry.

“To be a good MSP, good tools must be available,” says Kevin Dawes, a customer of NinjaRMM and a a reviewer on Capterra. “Being able to reliably and proactively monitor/remediate Windows/MAC and SNMP devices is the fundamental goal of our MSP relationship with our customers and NinjaRMM makes that possible in a cost-effective solution.”

For Patching, NinjaRMM Leads the Pack

NinjaRMM also received top marks for operating system and third-party software patching. This is one of the most critical features of an RMM given today’s cybersecurity environment, and can have devastating consequences if not implemented properly. (For example, the Experian hack that resulted in the theft of 143 million credit histories was traced back to an unpatched version of the Apache Struts platform).

For Nick Cappello, of Georgia Bone and Joint Surgeons, PC, in Cartersville, Georgia, NinjaRMM’s ultra-reliable patching functionality gives him one less thing to worry about.

“Because you guys keep very meticulous records, you tell me when programs have been installed, you tell me when stuff has been updated,” Mr. Cappello says.  “You tell me, so therefore, I don’t have to worry about it. God, do I love that.”

In the comparisons of patching, NinjaRMM edged out its nearest competitor by a score of 3.59 to 3.57, and with a stronger consensus among users, meaning there wasn’t as wide a divergence of opinion in responses. NinjaRMM helps MSPs smooth out the patching process by automating operating system updates and the updating of over 120 popular third-party software applications.

NinjaRMM Ranks Highest in the Quality of Support

Finally, the survey was a validation of NinjaRMM’s investment in free, unlimited, and U.S.-based customer support. NinjaRMM topped the competition by a substantial margin in the support category, with a score of 3.90, compared to the 3.57 earned by the runner-up. This quality of support is a big reason why MSP owner Matthew Hopkins said “switching to NinjaRMM was one of the best decisions we have ever made as a company.”

Indeed, the score of 3.90 is almost 20% higher than the median score of 2.96 among the field of 11 companies. Chief Revenue Officer Francois Daumard says the company is obsessed with providing the best experience to MSP partners, through easy billing, account management, and support.

“We offer strong support because we want to be easy to do business with,” said Daumard. “It’s gratifying to learn that our customers have noticed.”

You can start a 14 day free trial of NinjaRMM here.

Andrew Rosenblum is a research analyst for NinjaRMM – his past work has appeared in Popular Science, the MIT Technology Review, Wired, Neo.Life, and other publications.

5 Bite-Sized Ways to Improve Your Business Every Week

Join fellow growth-minded MSPs and feed your business with new tips and tutorials delivered straight to your inbox.