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Sal Sferlazza      

Today, I'm excited to officially announce Lewis Huynh has joined NinjaRMM as our new Chief Security Officer. Lewis will be responsible for driving the company's security and data privacy initiatives, enhancing our continued commitment to providing managed services providers (MSPs) with the most loved and trusted RMM on the market.

This is a critical role, because in today's world of growing online threats and privacy concerns, trust is everything. Our MSP partners need their customers to trust that they're putting their security and privacy is in good hands, and in turn we have a responsibility to help our partners meet those high standards. That means ensuring Ninja is aligned with key compliance regulations and that we continue to be laser focused on protecting our clients' privacy and data as the company continues to rapidly grow and scale.

With his deep background in security, his relentless drive, and his extensive skillset, there's no doubt Lewis is the person for that job. Read this from Lewis describing his background and you'll see what I mean.

From Lewis:

My formative years were spent learning and hacking Apple II Series, Commodore 64/128, IBM clones systems, and the operating systems of AppleDOS, MS-DOS, and early Windows. Later came IBM OS/2, Windows NT, VAX/VMS, SunOS, IRIX, and Linux. They were all puzzles that I enjoyed taking apart and putting back together, and unlike my parents' radios, these still worked after I put them back together.

This eventually led to my first serious IT job in 2000 at a network security company where we developed firewall and intrusion detection appliances. Following the dotcom bubble burst and the Enron scandal, I landed at a company that found itself now under the scrutiny of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

Fast forward to today and I've had the learning experience of tens upon tens of audits (from internal teams, to external entities, as well as client teams and the auditors contracted by the clients), and hundreds of pages of policies, controls, and procedures. Through the periods of datacenter and colocation explosions, to enterprise virtualization and consolidation, to private cloud and managed hosting, and now to the exponential adoption of public cloud, I've worked from the lowest/hands-on levels of security implementation and forensics, to high-level management and service integration.

When my recent time with a Boston-based startup ended and my next chapter was being written, I was introduced to Ninja. What I see in Ninja is a dynamic force disrupting the RMM space by driving massive improvements in the quality, ease of use, look and feel, and versatility that customers should come to expect in a RMM suite. This is a win-win for MSP's in general, which in-turn translates into huge wins for the client and end-users under management.

My take on RMM software is, "with great power comes great responsibility." Ninja acknowledges and embraces the responsibility we have to MSP partners and their customers, which is one of the reasons I'm so excited to be here.


Prior to joining Ninja, Lewis worked at OneView Commerce Inc. as a Vice President overseeing governance and compliance, security operations and architecture, as well as cloud IT, DevOps, and database architecture. He has also held multiple cloud architecture and DevOps leadership positions as a director at Oracle, a consultant at Cengage Learning, and a Vice President with OwnerIQ.

We're excited to have Lewis come aboard as our latest Ninja!


Want to join Lewis and the rest of us in building something special? We're hiring! Check out our current job openings here.

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5 Bite-Sized Ways to Improve Your Business Every Week

Join fellow growth-minded MSPs and feed your business with new tips and tutorials delivered straight to your inbox.