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New Feature Update: Introducing Maintenance Mode for NinjaRMM

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We're constantly adding new features and improvements to NinjaRMM based on feedback from our partners. The following is just one several key feature updates included in Ninja's recent 5.0 release.

You always want all your devices under management to be monitored, but you also want to avoid erroneous alerts and unnecessary tickets. If you’re planning maintenance that might kick off alerts or automations and want to avoid extra work for your team, you can now switch a device or set of devices into maintenance mode.

What is maintenance mode?

Maintenance mode allows you to pause notifications and actions on a device or group of devices for a set period. By suppressing notifications and tickets, you can reduce miscommunication and minimize post-maintenance clean up. By also pausing scheduled action on devices, you can avoid time delays and complications from automations (such as patching, antivirus scans, or script deployments) being triggered during maintenance.

In maintenance mode, the agent is still connected to Ninja, it still logs and reports actions, and ad-hoc tasks can still be run, allowing you to use Ninja to its fullest while in maintenance mode.

Maintenance mode in NinjaRMM

Ninja’s new maintenance mode gives you the ability to suppress:

  • Notifications
  • Condition-based alerting, ticketing, and script deployment
  • Patching
  • Antivirus scans
  • Scheduled tasks

You can set maintenance mode to go live immediately or schedule it to start and end at some future date. You can also leave it open and keep devices in maintenance mode indefinitely.

Users can set individual devices or groups of devices to maintenance mode regardless of their organizational affiliation, location, or OS.

Maintenance mode is a powerful tool you can use to minimize alert fatigue, keep your RMM environment clean, and avoid complications from automations running on a device you’re working on.

See for yourself how NinjaRMM can save you time and streamline your business

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