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MSP Bento: Week of 6/8/20 — Securing Exchange with PowerShell, Maintenance Checklist, and More

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Hope the new week is off to a great start for you. No long preamble from me this week — just on to the good stuff!

This week I want to...

Secure Microsoft Exchange Online with PowerShell

This video walkthrough covers settings and policies you can configure to harden Exchange Online and reduce its attack surface. Better yet, scripts are included to make it all automated.

Source: T-Minus 365

Category: Security 🔒


See a checklist of MSP maintenance tasks and cadences [sheet]

This crowd-sourced list was spearheaded by the lovely and talented Todd Kane (Evolved Management) as part of a discussion in the IT Pool Party Slack group. If you're not a member of that group yet you can sign up here.

Source: Todd Kane (Evolved Management)

Category: Service best practices 🛠


See a head-to-head assessment of DNS malware filtering tools

Tom Lawrence of Lawrence Systems recently ran a test that compared filtering results for Quad9, Cloudflare, DNS Filter, and OpenDNS/Cisco Umbrella. The results were dramatic (though Tom did need to issue a follow-up video to clarify a few things).

Source: Tom Lawrence Systems

Category: Security 🔒


Get ahead of the next big MSP sales and marketing opportunity

MSP marketing expert Paul Green explains why he believes we're going to see a large number of MSP clients looking to switch their providers, and how to make sure you end up on the right side of what he's calling "the Great Client Grab."

Source: Paul Green

Category: Sales 💰


See an example of the latest (incredibly convincing) phishing emails targeting MSP remote access tools [reddit]

As if we needed any reminder that MSPs are top targets. Reddit user /char512 shares details and a screenshot of the phishing attempt he received targeting his ConnectWise Control credentials.

Source: Reddit

Category: Security 🔒


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