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Happy July! The first half of 2020 is officially in the books, and, this year, simply getting to the back nine feels like an accomplishment.

Hopefully you've recently found time to step back and take a breath, or you'll get the chance soon. This halfway point may be a good time to take stock of the plans and goals you set out with at the beginning of the year, have a nice laugh, and adjust course to finish the year out as strong as possible.

If you're looking to make up for lost time and get your sales efforts back on track we've got a great event to check out this Thursday, July 9 at 1pm ET | 5pm GMT.

We're going to be talking all about How to Nurture and Convert Your Sales Leads, with plenty of hard data, awesome examples, and interactive discussion. Come be part of the conversation or just listen in!

Here are this week's tools and tips.


This week I want to...

Hear how to avoid the biggest stumbling blocks to surpassing $1M ARR

Even the most initially successful MSPs hit walls during their growth, and for many, the $1M ARR mark is where things get really challenging. Former MSP owner and NinjaRMM Channel Chief Advisor Tom Watson sits down with bvoip founder George Bardissi to share hard-earned lessons learned and what he'd change if he had the chance to do it all over again.

Source: The MSP Initiative

Category: MSP growth ?

Start notifying clients when their email addresses are in data breaches [script]

PowerShell script for pulling Have I Been Pwned data

When Kelvin Tegelaar's MSP was approached by a vendor offering to provide info on what breaches their email addresses were associated with, he thought — why don't I just build that myself? The result is a set of PowerShell scripts anyone can use.

Source: CyberDrain

Category: Security ?

Start reporting to clients what their Microsoft Secure Scores are [script]

Script for exporting client Microsoft Secure Score

If you're looking for ways to upsell clients on security products/services, a proven way of convincing them is by introducing them to their Microsoft Secure Score —  and getting them to chase after raising it. This script from Elliot Munro at GCITS automates pulling client scores and exporting the data into a branded HTML report.

Source: GCITS

Category: Security ?

Hear how one MSP handles sales compensation for his sales reps

Tom Lawrence breaks down the difference between paying reps based on net revenue vs. gross margin, and why he's structured comp at his company around the latter.

Source: Lawrence Systems

Category: Sales ?

Join the new "MSP Regulation and Legislation" Facebook group

MSP Regulation and Legislation Facebook Group

Channel veterans Dave Sobel and Karl Palachuk recently started this in hopes of creating an advocacy group that can give MSPs a seat at the table as more state and local governments begin discussing MSP regulation. If you want to avoid being shut out of "The Room Where it Happens" like Aaron Burr (yes, I watched Hamilton over the weekend), then consider joining.

Source: Third Tier

Category: Regulation ⚖

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5 Bite-Sized Ways to Improve Your Business Every Week

Join fellow growth-minded MSPs and feed your business with new tips and tutorials delivered straight to your inbox.