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MSP Bento: Week of 7/13/20 — Critical Windows DNS Vulnerability, Keys to Co-Managed IT, and More

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On Tuesday, news broke that Microsoft included a fix for a critical remote code execution vulnerability that affects Windows DNS servers in its July 2020 updates. The vulnerability appears to be as bad as it gets, receiving a 10/10 severity score on the CVSS scale.

That means one thing you'll definitely want to do this week is patch as quickly as possible or apply a workaround mitigation described here.

You'll likely be hearing a lot about this one over the next few days, but don't panic or obsess. Patch when you can.

Ok, on to this week's tools and tips.

This week I want to:

See data from the highest performing sales cadences [guide]

Looking to get more organized with your sales and marketing outreach? This guide from InsideSales breaks down how to put together a scalable and repeatable sales cadence made up of calls, emails, and social outreach. It also shares data on what that outreach should look like and when/how often you should send it.


Category: Sales 💰

Find out what other MSPs are monitoring for their clients [Reddit thread]

This question on r/msp generated a number of thoughtful responses. The result is a nice list to compare against your own current monitoring efforts.

Source: r/msp

Category: Tech ⚙

Hear what the godfather of co-managed IT has to say about its pitfalls and opportunities

A lot of folks have been pointing to co-managed IT as a major current MSP growth opportunity lately, so when I saw this interview between George Bardissi and co-managed guru Bob Coppedge I knew I had to watch and share. The link skips the small talk intro and gets straight to the good stuff at 8.46.

Source: The MSP Initiative

Category: MSP growth 🚀

Learn about Microsoft's  new "Secret Management" module for PowerShell [blog post]

Unless you're taking advantage of NinjaRMM's Credential Exchange feature, storing and passing privileged credentials in your scripts securely can be a challenge. This new module that Microsoft is actively previewing provides another potential answer.

Source: Microsoft

Category: Tools 🛠

Read how one company wasted $50K on Google Ads

So you can know what NOT to do with your marketing budget.

Source: Indie Hackers

Category: Marketing 📣


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