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MSP Bento: Week of 4/27/20 – O365 Automation, 100 Azure tips, New Marketing Ideas, and More

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If you needed any additional proof that a real, live human is behind these emails this week I dropped the ball and am getting this out way later than usual. I'm sorry for the delay, but hope you'll still get use out of the resources below.

If you're curious what's been keeping me busy check out our upcoming MSP Security Summit scheduled for next Thursday, May 7. It's shaped up to be a great event and much bigger than we originally anticipated. Hope to see you there!

In the meantime, expect things to be back to the regular schedule next week with an email going out on Monday. Thank you for sticking with us!


Beef up my Azure / Infrastructure as Code (IaC) / DevOps skills [articles]

If you or your team have hit a slow patch and you're looking for training materials then "100 Days of IaC in Azure" is a goldmine. It's a collection of 100 tips, insights, and recommendations designed to get you up to speed with IaC concepts and practices. Best of all, they're each written to be read in 5 minutes or less.

Source: @reirujo, @pzerger, and @MrTaoYang

Category: Tools 🛠

See a fantastic breakdown of recent ransomware campaigns along with attack vectors and mitigation techniques [article]

Microsoft's Threat Protection Intelligence Team shares data they've gathered on ransomware deployments during the first two weeks of April. This is honestly one of the best, most actionable write-ups on ransomware I've seen in a while.

Source: Microsoft

Category: Security 🔒

Get 6 new sales & marketing ideas that are made for this moment

How exactly are you supposed to be generating leads and new clients for your MSP during a time like this? We have suggestions.

Source: Us

Category: Marketing 📣

Rethink whether discounts are appropriate or not right now

Immediately after last week's MSP Live Chat, I huddled up with NinjaRMM Channel Chief Advisor Tom Watson and MSP Growth Hack's Kevin Clune to debrief and follow up on one of the session's most hotly-discussed topics: discounting.

Source: Kevin Clune, MSP Growth Hacks

Category: Sales 💸

Get a PowerShell script to help automate O365 tenant creation [Reddit]

Reddit user MeleeIkon shares a script that helps streamline the process by enabling customization, setting timezone, turning off clutter, setting mailbox send limits and more.

Source: u/MeleeIkon, Reddit

Category: Tools 🛠


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