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MSP Bento: Week of 3/9/20 - Coronavirus Scams, Remote Work Tools, and More

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With COVID-19 obviously top-of-mind for everyone, are you seeing any effects on your business? Trade shows or other events canceled? Clients having more employees work from home?

Whatever the case, here's to being a steady hand at the wheel for everyone you support, and here are this week's five things that can make that job easier.


This week, I want to:

See a short list of remote work tools that major vendors are making free in response to Coronavirus [blog post]

Several big names have announced free limited-time licenses for their meeting and collaboration tools, including Microsoft (Office 365 E1), Google (Hangouts Meet), LogMeIn (GoToMeeting), and Cisco (Webex). Source: Bleeping Computer

Category: Tools 🛠

Warn my clients about Coronavirus-related scams and phishing emails [alert]

Show clients you've got their back by sharing this advisory and list of precautions from the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security  Agency (CISA). Source: CISA

Category: Security 🔒

Learn how to deploy GPOs with PowerShell and your RMM [blog post]

Moving more clients to cloud-only environments, but running into trouble deploying Group Policies? Scripting guru Kelvin Tegelaar has you covered. Source: CyberDrain

Category: Automation ⚙

Check to make sure Microsoft Exchange server hasn't been compromised [blog post]

Attackers are actively exploiting CVE-2020-0688, a vulnerability that allows them to remotely execute code as SYSTEM. Microsoft issued a patch last month, but if you're concerned the folks at TrustedSec have provided a list of IoCs. Source: TrustedSec

Category: Security 🔒

Design a better marketing brochure [guide]

We've put together everything you need to  create your own brochures without getting a design degree or combing through a mountain of profiles on Fiverr. Source: Us

Category: Marketing 📣


Have a great week. Be safe and stay hungry.

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