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MSP Bento: Week of 3/2/20 – More Satisfied Customers, More Referrals

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Q: What’s MSP Bento?
A: A collection of practical, bite-sized tips, tools, and tutorials we share every week.
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Welcome to a special guest takeover edition of MSP Bento!

This week, Simplesat and Pronto Marketing co-founder Cory Brown is sharing his top five resources for MSPs looking to grow their business by becoming even more customer-centric.

Cory and I recently dove deep into that topic in our webinar, Turning Customer Feedback into Rocket Fuel: How to Make CSAT and NPS Data More Actionable. He's super passionate about the subject, and has a ton of great, actionable tips. You can watch the video of our discussion here.

Here are Cory's five picks for this week's MSP Bento:

How to Win Friends and Influence People [book]

Get it here

Why Cory chose it:

"Cheesiness aside, since reading this book 10 years ago I make it required reading for all service-focused people.

Excerpt: 'A person's toothache means more to that person than a famine in China which kills a million people.' 

Lesson: Start listening to your customers and caring about what they care about!"

Kanban [book]

Get it here

Why Cory chose it:

"While I was managing service teams at Pronto this book was so influential to how I organized teams and their workflows.  Kanban is all about the lean methodologies adopted from Toyota factories. Visualizing workflow, setting work-in-progress limits, evolutionary change."

Breakdown of Sprint Retrospectives and How to Utilize Them [blog post]

Read it here

Why Cory chose it:

"For MSPs, or any service organization built around support, there's almost always too much going on to reflect on what's going well, what's not, and talk process improvements. Unless you specifically make time for it.

Adopting the practice of scheduling 'sprint retros' every two weeks or so gives teams the chance to step back, sync up, and realign priorities."

5 Whys: The Ultimate Root Cause Analysis Tool [blog post]

Read it here

Why Cory chose it:

"With customer service (and I guess with any role), it's so important to get to the root cause of every issue, whether it's understanding a customer's problem or the 'why' behind a rep doing something wrong. Run this process when you hear people say, 'well, that's just the way I learned how to do it..'"

The Complete Guide to Customer Survey Questions [blog post]

Read it here

Why Cory chose it:

"Check out this roundup we pulled together on the different types of customer surveys and example questions you can use in different types of situations. Hopefully they inspire your team's next customer survey initiative."


Big thanks to Cory for taking the helm this week! We'll be back next Monday with more resources to save and bookmark.

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