Jonathan Crowe

Building Out Your 2021 MSP Product Stack: MSP Live Chat Recap

building your msp product stack msp live chat recap

What tools should absolutely be on your wishlist heading into next year?

In this MSP Live Chat, we teamed up with Ken Patterson, Director of Community at Pax8 to discuss how MSPs should consider adjusting their stacks and (re)packaging their services to stay competitive in 2021. Watch the replay below to see us debate the latest trends and biggest growth opportunities, with an emphasis on:

  • Advice for keeping up with and managing increasingly complex stacks
  • Factors that should go into your purchasing decisions
  • What you actually need security-wise, and what you don't
  • Tips for standardizing your offerings and improving your profitability
  • And more...

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Lisa Harshman

2.19 Release - CloudBerry Enhancements, Mac Features, and more!

Wondering what types of features are available in our latest 2.19 release of NinjaRMM? We have you covered with this recorded webinar from the NinjaRMM product team.

Here's a quick overview of what's new:

Mac features:

  • The brandable and customizable System Tray icon is now available
  • Users can now access the remote command line for real-time data
  • And more!

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Lisa Harshman

NinjaRMM + Webroot: The Truth Behind Machine Learning

Over the past couple of years, the topic of Machine Learning has boomed in popularity. Now, many in the industry are using terms like Next Gen; AI; Machine Learning; Neural Nets and more.

In this recorded webinar, the NinjaRMM team and George Anderson, Webroot's Director of Product Marketing, discuss how Webroot utilizes Machine Learning to better protect you and your customers.

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Lisa Harshman

NinjaRMM: Technology Partner Presentation – Netwrix

NinjaRMM is always looking to add technology partners that MSPs are interested in. Recently we've had requests for more security and compliance offerings, so we partnered with Netwrix to offer a product-focused webinar to gauge interest and explore a possible relationship.

Check out this recorded webinar with the Netwrix team, including Ken Tripp (Director of Channel Accounts) and Charles Housley (Sales Engineer), as they present an overview and demo of the product. We encourage you to share your thoughts on a possible relationship between NinjaRMM and Netwrix!


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Lisa Harshman

NinjaRMM + Webroot: Protecting Your Clients Against Today's Cybersecurity Threats

When it comes to cybersecurity, change is the only constant. Analysts, researchers, and security companies worked quickly to identify and block emerging threats throughout 2017, but attackers were just as quick in finding new ways to evade defenses.

In this recorded webinar, Tyler Moffitt (Sr. Threat Research Analyst at Webroot) discusses discoveries and solutions from the 2018 Webroot Threat Report.

Get a glimpse into modern cybercrime and the knowledge you need to better protect your clients. Then, grab a copy of the Threat Report (with a special forward from NinjaRMM’s CEO, Sal Sferlazza) to share with your team! Read more

Lisa Harshman

2.18 Release Webinar – Cloudberry (beta), Closed Loop Alerting, and more

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new:

Cloudberry (beta)

  • Introducing Cloudberry - a fully integrated backup solution
  • Contact your account manager or for pricing

Customizable Branding

  • Brand the NinjaRMM portal (under Configuration / Branding)
  • Customize your web portal URL
  • Notification emails will come from

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Lisa Harshman


We’re excited to share the news about our upcoming integration with Accelo!

In preparation for the integration, we encourage you to check out this sneak peek to learn more about Accelo and what the integration can do for your business.

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Lisa Harshman

NinjaRMM + Webroot: Stopping Malware Before It Reaches Your Client's Networks

Uncontrolled internet access is risky for any business, no matter its size. And if you offer guest or public WiFi access, you have an even greater responsibility to keep your networks secure.

In this recorded webinar, Webroot’s George Anderson discusses how Webroot SecureAnywhere® DNS Protection lets you:

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Team Ninja

2.17 Release - RAID Controller, TeamViewer 13, and more!

Wondering what types of features are available in our latest 2.17 release of NinjaRMM? We have you covered with this recorded webinar from the NinjaRMM product team.

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Lisa Harshman

NinjaRMM + Webroot: Security Awareness Training

According to the latest Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, human error was directly involved in 65%* of successful breaches in the last year, proving cybersecurity isn’t just a technology issue. End users are the first line of defense against cyber threats, so educating them should be a major priority.

Check out this recording from NinjaRMM and Webroot to find out more about cybersecurity around end users including:
- Common issues caused by end users and their behavior
- Best practices for preventing cyberattacks
- How MSPs can help reduce the risk of cyberattacks for their customers

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Team Ninja

How MSPs Can Prevent Phishing

NinjaRMM is partnering with Webroot to bring you another cybersecurity education webinar!

Although popular cyberattack methods are shifting course, phishing is still one of the most challenging threats to identify. On top of that, staying ahead of the curve continues to present a huge challenge for many organizations.

This webinar recording will:

Examine the state of phishing today
Recommend process and technology to minimize risk
Look at Real-Time Anti-Phishing solutions as an answer to the threat Read more

Team Ninja

2.16 Release - Wake on LAN, Systray screenshots, and more! (Updated)

Updated 11/28/2017: Webinar recording of 2.16 has been added.

Ninjas, we are excited to release version 2.16 into production as of November 15th, 2017. For this particular release, we focused on some of the highest requested features in our community. You should see these features live in your dashboards starting today!

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Team Ninja

How DNS Protection Stops Malware in its Tracks

How DNS protection blocks malware

The simple act of using the web today can be the source of major security risks for your clients. Leveraged or compromised websites laden with malicious code, malvertising, and drive-by downloads can make any website a tool of the attack. And with every potential for infection comes the risk of breaches, data theft, reputation loss, and financial repercussions. Luckily, Webroot SecureAnywhere® DNS Protection gives admins a straightforward, effective way to filter unwanted web traffic and prevent threats.

Join this webinar with NinjaRMM and Webroot to learn how DNS Protection:

-Reduces infections and remediation costs -Enforces acceptable use policies for end users and guests

-Secures Windows®, Apple®, Linux, Android®, and iOS® devices

-Blocks websites according to category (malware, adult, productivity, etc)

Interested NinjaRMM customers can sign up for DNS protection and deploy instantly on our platform today!

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Team Ninja

Cybersecurity and Why Patching is Important – NinjaRMM and Ivanti Co-Webinar

According to a 2017 survey from threat intelligence firm Farsight Security, 49% of cybersecurity professionals experienced a WannaCry-like security incident in the last year. Of those 49%, a further 72% said similar security events had happened at least three times that year.

With cybersecurity being a centerpiece of news headlines in 2017, how do you keep your endpoints and clients secure?

Todd, Senior Product Manager from Ivanti will talk about macro trends enterprise companies are facing about cybersecurity and some suggestions / best practices for IT controls to reduce cyber-attacks. Patching OS and third-party applications is often overlooked but is still a very effective way to reduce the most common cyber-attacks.

NinjaRMM is partnering with Ivanti to provide an enterprise-grade patch management software to Managed Service Providers. We’ll briefly discuss how you can leverage the Ninja platform to keep Windows AND third-party office applications (Adobe, Apple, Chrome, Java, etc) up-to-date and reduce the number of cyber-attacks in your network!

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Team Ninja

Only Multi-Vector Protection Can Keep Your Clients Secure

The NinjaRMM-Webroot Cybersecurity Education Series aims to educate IT professionals about the cyber threats facing our IT environments and the best ways to stop them.

We were excited to have Josh Owen from Webroot present "Only Multi-Vector Protection Can Keep Your Clients Secure".

Single-vector endpoint protection can only stop threats at one stage of an attack, but even more challenges arise as today’s cybercriminals combine a range of threat technologies to attack businesses and their clients in stages, from multiple angles—or “vectors.”

In this session, Josh covered the complexities of modern cyber threats and why only multi-vector protection can keep your clients secure through the various stages of a cyberattack, across multiple vectors.

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Team Ninja

Cost Effective Backups with CloudBerry Ninja Edition

NinjaRMM is partnering with CloudBerry to bring to market the CloudBerry Ninja Edition. This edition is an easy to use, SaaS-based backup platform that includes all the capabilities of CloudBerry with incredible pricing. 

During this webinar David from CloudBerry and AJ from NinjaRMM will review the following features:
*Remote management and deployment
* White-labeling
* API and CLI integrations
* Reporting
* Onboarding Process for interested partners

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Team Ninja

NinjaRMM and Webroot Integration Reveal!

We are excited to announce the single pane integration between NinjaRMM and Webroot.

The webinar will cover all major aspects on the integration, including:

* Sync organizations and devices from NinjaRMM into Webroot Global Site Manager. Use NinjaRMM as the single source of truth for Webroot licensing and provisioning.

* Remediate on identified threats within the NinjaRMM dashboards.

* On-demand scanning for a particular device or groups of devices.

* Webroot SecureAnywhere DNS Protection deployment.

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Team Ninja

NinjaRMM Product Update Webinar

Andy from NinjaRMM talks about all the latest and greatest features in



our May 2017 Release.

Topics covered include:

*Device Search - how to build a query to search for specific devices

*Systray Icon - how to configure and deploy

*Remote Command Line - tips and tricks

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