Jonathan Crowe

MSP Bento: Week of 3/9/20 – Coronavirus Scams, Remote Work Tools, and More

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With COVID-19 obviously top-of-mind for everyone, are you seeing any effects on your business? Trade shows or other events canceled? Clients having more employees work from home?

Whatever the case, here’s to being a steady hand at the wheel for everyone you support, and here are this week’s five things that can make that job easier.

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Peter Bretton

Helping Companies Transition to a Remote Workforce: The Top 5 Pain Points MSPs Can Address

remote workforce transition messaging

From remotely deploying software to securing endpoints, here’s how MSPs can position themselves as invaluable resources as more and more workforces navigate the transition to working from home.

Think of the current state of things from an IT leader’s perspective: Everyone at your company suddenly needs remote working capabilities, and it’s your responsibility to make that happen. Your solution needs to be fast and convenient. But also secure. It can’t cost a boatload. And it needs to happen yesterday.

As an MSP, you’re in a unique position to share some good news here — the situation isn’t as impossible as it might seem. Read more

Jonathan Crowe

What is RMM Software? A Modern Definition Plus Evaluation Criteria for 2019

What is RMM software?

RMM is short for remote monitoring and management. As the name implies, RMM software is used to do two things: a) gather information from remote endpoints and networks to assess their health; and b) perform various remote IT management tasks on them without disruption. Read more