Peter Bretton

4 Ways to Remotely Uninstall Software (and Keep it Uninstalled with Automation)

rmm use cases examples

Whether you have standard bloatware you remove from end-user machines during onboarding, you want to blacklist applications due to security concerns, or you just need to uninstall an application across an entire organization, NinjaRMM can help you make the process fast and easy. Read more

Kodie Dower

New Year, New Features. NinjaRMM’s First Release of the Year Makes Life a Little Easier

We’re less than one month into the new year and the product team has been hard at work bringing some of our most asked about features to the NinjaRMM platform. In our first release of the year, we’re bringing a host of quality of life improvements to the platform that will keep your team more efficient and your customers happy. So, here is NinjaRMM 4.5 - let’s dive in! Read more

Team Ninja

Giving Users Secure Remote Access to Work from Home


With concerns over the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic mounting, more and more businesses are suddenly preparing for the possibility that many, if not all, of their employees will need to work from home for an undetermined amount of time.

For NinjaRMM customers responsible for keeping those businesses secure and productive, here's a quick reminder of a feature that can help. Read more

Sal Sferlazza

NinjaRMM 2019 Year in Review and 2020 Sneak Peek

This year was full of new additions at NinjaRMM: new features, new faces, new ways we're making managing IT easier than ever.

Happy New Year, everyone. It’s that time again when I like to step back, take stock of everything we accomplished in the past year, and offer a sneak peek at some of the exciting things we have in store for the next 12 months. Read more

Team Ninja

Introducing the NinjaRMM Mobile App, VMware Monitoring, and More

It's been a busy summer in the NinjaRMM development dojo. The product team has been working around the clock leading up to our 4.3 release. Now that it's officially launched we're excited to share what's new! Read more

Lewis Huynh

Ransomware Attacks Abusing RMMs: Why We’re Enforcing 2FA

In recent weeks there have been numerous reported incidents of attackers compromising MSPs and weaponizing their internal management tools to deploy ransomware across their customer base.

These attacks are obviously alarming, and helping our MSP partners mitigate this threat has become priority #1. Our team is working around the clock to implement a variety of additional security enhancements, including the following: Read more

Sal Sferlazza

Introducing NinjaRMM Credential Exchange: A Better, More Secure Way of Managing Privileged Credentials

2019 is nearly half in the books, and I’m happy to report the NinjaRMM team has been hard at work following through on our mantra of relentless innovation. Our latest major release, 4.2, is being rolled out today, and it includes some major new features and functionality that we’re all very excited to deliver to our partners. Read more

Sal Sferlazza

2019 Preview: Sneak Peek at New Features and More from NinjaRMM


Photo by Kyle Popineau

Happy New Year! Whether you're a current NinjaRMM partner, or whether you're considering becoming one in 2019, I wanted to share a few highlights from 2018 and offer a glimpse of the exciting things you can expect to see from us in the year ahead. Read more

Lisa Harshman

2.19 Release - CloudBerry Enhancements, Mac Features, and more!

Wondering what types of features are available in our latest 2.19 release of NinjaRMM? We have you covered with this recorded webinar from the NinjaRMM product team.

Here's a quick overview of what's new:

Mac features:

  • The brandable and customizable System Tray icon is now available
  • Users can now access the remote command line for real-time data
  • And more!

Read more

Andrew Rosenblum

The Flail, Goldilocks, and the V.C.R.: Why MSPs need to look closely at the “software company life cycle” when deciding to buy a SaaS product

Where your software vendor is in the software life cycle will profoundly affect your user experience

Imagine you picked up the phone and heard the following pitch from a sales rep at a software-as-service company selling to your MSP…

Hi! Our brand-new product lacks 8 crucial features and crashes about twice a week.  And I’m not totally confident we’ll still be around in 6 months, and we only have one support guy.  But we’re cheap!  Can I offer you 3 months for free?”

Raises an eyebrow, right?  And he’s not kidding about going out of business: CB Insights found that 90% of startups fail within the first 4 years.
Read more

Lisa Harshman

NinjaRMM: Technology Partner Presentation – Netwrix

NinjaRMM is always looking to add technology partners that MSPs are interested in. Recently we've had requests for more security and compliance offerings, so we partnered with Netwrix to offer a product-focused webinar to gauge interest and explore a possible relationship.

Check out this recorded webinar with the Netwrix team, including Ken Tripp (Director of Channel Accounts) and Charles Housley (Sales Engineer), as they present an overview and demo of the product. We encourage you to share your thoughts on a possible relationship between NinjaRMM and Netwrix!


Read more

Lisa Harshman

2.18 Release Webinar – Cloudberry (beta), Closed Loop Alerting, and more

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new:

Cloudberry (beta)

  • Introducing Cloudberry - a fully integrated backup solution
  • Contact your account manager or for pricing

Customizable Branding

  • Brand the NinjaRMM portal (under Configuration / Branding)
  • Customize your web portal URL
  • Notification emails will come from

Read more

Andy Zhu

2.16 Release - Wake on LAN, Systray screenshots, and more! (Updated)

Updated 11/28/2017: Webinar recording of 2.16 has been added.

Ninjas, we are excited to release version 2.16 into production as of November 15th, 2017. For this particular release, we focused on some of the highest requested features in our community. You should see these features live in your dashboards starting today!

Read more