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Building a $6 Million Managed Services Provider Business: 5 More Things I Wish I’d Known Starting Out

Advice on Starting a Managed Services Provider Business

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There’s plenty of best practice guides written to help MSPs grow their businesses, but there’s nothing quite like hearing firsthand advice from peers.

That’s why we’ve launched “MSP Success Stories,” a new series highlighting MSPs who have built multimillion-dollar businesses and who are graciously open to sharing the crucial lessons they learned along the way.

Earlier this month, we kicked off the series by talking with Aaron Underhill, the COO and a Managing Member of Dedicated IT, a managed services provider based out of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Aaron explained how the company has been able to grow its revenue 10x in five years, currently hitting $6 million in ARR.  Read more

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The NinjaRMM Difference: Our Take on Sales Tactics

When we started NinjaRMM in 2013 we set out to do things differently. We believed nearly everything about RMM software — from the way it was built to the way it looked to the way it was sold — could and should be improved.

That meant developing a platform that wasn’t just powerful, but also easy to use. One that didn’t require days and weeks of training. That didn’t force MSPs to have an additional employee on payroll entirely dedicated to managing it. To us, that just didn’t make good business sense, and it ran counter to the purpose of a RMM tool in the first place — to simplify a MSP’s workday, not over-complicate it.

The changes we knew we wanted to make in the RMM space weren’t just confined to building a better product, though. We also knew we had a chance to break from the pack by selling NinjaRMM the way we prefer to be sold to, and by providing the type of support and overall customer experience we prefer to receive.

With that in mind, we decided from the earliest days of the company that there are three things we would not accept as the status quo. Read more

Jonathan Crowe

MSPs: Two Ways to Take Full Advantage of Windows 7 EOL Migration

Windows 7 EOL checklist

Here we are — [update] three months away from Microsoft officially ending support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. The big day is January 14, 2020, and it will be here before we know it.

So, how is migration going? Are the majority of MSPs and their clients ahead of the game, or playing from behind?

What’s at stake when it comes to EOL, anyhow, and how can MSPs maximize this opportunity to secure additional commitments, streamline their operations, and boost their revenue? Read more

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NinjaRMM Rated Best RMM Software in 8 Key Categories by G2 Crowd


G2 Crowd has announced its ratings for Spring 2019 with NinjaRMM listed as the #1 Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software.

Not only is NinjaRMM far ahead of the pack in terms of G2 Satisfaction Score, it’s also exciting to see it recognized as the #1 top-rated RMM in seven additional categories, including ease of use, product direction, and quality of support. Read more

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Spotlight on NinjaRMM’s EMEA Leadership and Expansion

NinjaRMM EMEA expansion

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During any given week, there’s no lack of exciting things happening at Ninja. As the company continues to rapidly grow, I want to help provide visibility into all aspects of that growth, especially now that contributions are coming from colleagues located all over the world. Read more

Jonathan Crowe

The Ninja Guide to MSP Software: A List of the Highest-Rated Tools

Best MSP Software Guide

From RMMs to documentation software, what solutions are MSPs relying on most to power their businesses and prevent their client networks from going dark and full of errors? Read more

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Welcoming NinjaRMM’s New Chief Security Officer, Lewis Huynh

Today, I’m excited to officially announce Lewis Huynh has joined NinjaRMM as our new Chief Security Officer. Lewis will be responsible for driving the company’s security and data privacy initiatives, enhancing our continued commitment to providing managed services providers (MSPs) with the most loved and trusted RMM on the market. Read more

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Selling Managed IT Services: 7 Steps to Scaling Your MSP to Support More Clients

scaling MSP to support more clients

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Note: This post is an excerpt from our new guide, 5 Steps to Growing Your MSP Business. Download your complete copy here.

At first thought, the idea of growing your business seems pretty simple: add on a few new customers, maybe offer a new service or two, and you’re there, right? In reality, growth involves coordinating many moving pieces and adjusting dials on all parts of your business operations. Read more

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Building a $6 Million ARR MSP: 5 Things I Wish I’d Known Starting Out


MSP success stories sales growth lessons

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IT you know. But when it comes to building a successful MSP business, the learning curve can be steep.

There’s no lack of best practice guides written to help MSPs, but there’s nothing quite like hearing from firsthand experiences from peers, directly. That’s why we’re launching a new series highlighting MSPs who have built multimillion-dollar businesses and who are graciously open to sharing the crucial lessons they learned along the way. Read more

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Selling IT Managed Services: 3 Ways to Increase Recurring Revenue from Existing Customers

Recurring revenue from existing customers

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Note: This post is an excerpt from our new guide, 5 Steps to Growing Your MSP BusinessDownload your complete copy here.

To succeed and grow as a MSP, one of your underlying goals has to be increasing recurring revenue. New customer acquisition certainly accomplishes that, but what about creating new opportunities with the customers you already have? Read more

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ASUS Supply Chain Attack Possibly Infected Half a Million Computers: How to Tell If You’re Affected

ASUS supply chain attack 2018

On Monday, Kim Zetter at Motherboard broke the news that attackers had hijacked the software update tool for ASUS, one of the largest computer makers in the world. Researchers estimate the tool was used to install backdoors on hundreds of thousands of machines between June and November 2018. Here’s what you and your clients need to know. Read more

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Selling Managed IT Services: The Importance of Customer Retention

MSP customer retention strategy

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Note: This post is an excerpt from our new guide, 5 Steps to Growing Your MSP BusinessDownload your complete copy here.


As an MSP, you never want to lose a good customer. As you set out to grow your business, however, it’s likely that you may lose focus on your existing customer base, potentially driving some of them away. If one of your growth goals is to increase the number of customers, avoiding that churn is extremely important. Read more

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Selling Managed IT Services: 5 Steps that Fuel Customer Acquisition

Managed IT services customer acquisition strategy

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Note: This post is an excerpt from our new guide, 5 Steps to Growing Your MSP BusinessDownload your complete copy here.


In the quest to grow your MSP business, extending your customer base beyond your initial core group of contacts is a big step. Many small MSPs can struggle to break out, often because it’s easier to focus on the thing you’re naturally great at — the technology side of providing services, for example — than the things that are challenging and outside your comfort zone. As a result, sales and marketing efforts can often be limited to a reliance on word of mouth or attending the same business mixers, which can lead to new customers initially, but quickly yield diminishing returns. Read more

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Selling Managed IT Services: Keys to a Practical Growth Strategy for 2019

Managed IT services growth strategy and planning

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Note: This post is an excerpt from our new guide, 5 Steps to Growing Your MSP Business. Download your complete copy here.


As most small business owners experience, there are going to be points during your growth as a managed IT services provider (MSP) when taking the next step feels outside your comfort zone. Read more

Jonathan Crowe

7 Eye-Opening Cybersecurity Statistics Every Small Business Needs to Know in 2019


Photo by Mike Petrucci

With cyber attacks on small businesses increasingly common, is 2019 the year “it’ll never happen to us” mindset finally gets put to rest?

Businesses don’t need to be massive corporations or house treasure troves of sensitive information to be frequent targets of cyber attacks. In fact, recent cybersecurity statistics show that, despite their size, small businesses account for the majority of data breaches (58%). Read more

Jonathan Crowe

Why MSPs Are Now Big Targets for Cyber Attacks — And What You Can Do About It

Photo by Andre Hunter

The year is young, but 2019 is already shaping up to be another rough one on the security front. Particularly concerning is the growing number of attacks explicitly targeting MSPs and their customers. Read more

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2019 Preview: Sneak Peek at New Features and More from NinjaRMM


Photo by Kyle Popineau

Happy New Year! Whether you’re a current NinjaRMM partner, or whether you’re considering becoming one in 2019, I wanted to share a few highlights from 2018 and offer a glimpse of the exciting things you can expect to see from us in the year ahead. Read more

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Ryuk Ransomware Cripples MSP and Major Newspapers, Represents Dangerous Shift Toward Coordinated Attacks

Photo by Bank Phrom

A rise in coordinated Ryuk ransomware attacks represents a major new threat for MSPs and their clients in 2019. Here’s what you need to know.

Ransomware was already at the top of many MSPs’ security concerns. Now attackers are deploying it more strategically, making it an even bigger threat. To understand what’s dangerous about this new trend and what you and your clients need to be doing differently to protect yourselves, let’s dig into two recent high-profile attacks deploying ransomware called Ryuk. Read more

Nick Cavalancia

2019 Predictions: The Impact of Security on an MSP’s Business

At the end of every year, it seems like every business takes a moment to ponder over what’s been accomplished in the past year, looking for ways to improve operations and increase revenue in the coming year. In my last blog, I looked back at the state of security in 2018 and how it affected MSPs.  I’d like to take the opportunity in this article to do a bit of looking forward towards next year, focusing in on some security predictions that will change the way you offer security services.

Read more

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MSPs: Keys to Streamlining Your Patch Management Process in 2019

Patching is more important — and more challenging to keep up with — than ever. Here’s how MSPs can make their patch management process more efficient, eliminate disruption, and keep their clients secure.