Tina Lei

The Complete MSP Marketing Guide to Advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram


Wondering if advertising your MSP on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or even Instagram is worth it? This guide will walk you through everything you need to consider, and get you ready to launch successful campaigns.

According to Social Media Examiner’s 2019 Social Media Marketing Industry Report that surveyed thousands of people from a variety of industries and countries, marketers who implemented social media in their advertising efforts saw benefits ranging from increased exposure for their businesses to traffic growth, more leads, better sales, new loyal consumers, and more. Read more

Jonathan Crowe

Tearing Down the 10 Best MSP Websites of 2019

msp website examples

We see a lot of MSP websites. Here are the 10 that impressed us most this past year.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and for many potential clients, that critical first impression is going to come from your website.

If the thought of that leaves you feeling less than confident you’re not alone. We’ve spoken with many MSPs considering a website revamp this year. Maybe, like them, your goal is to make your site more reflective of who you are and a stronger magnet for new leads. And maybe you’re looking for inspiration. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Read more

Tina Lei

The Ultimate Guide to Paid Search Ads for MSPs

paid search ads for msps

Looking to dial up your MSP marketing and want to learn more about how investing in paid search ads work? This practical guide is for you.

You’ve built a website optimized for generating leads, you’ve priced your MSP offerings to boost profitability, and you’ve even set up direct mail and referral generation campaigns — what other marketing efforts could you possibly use to take your business to the next level?

Have you considered paid search? If you’re like many MSPs, the answer is likely, “not really.” But the truth is, when done right, paid search can put your MSP brand miles ahead of your competitors by raising awareness, generating more website traffic, and appealing directly to search engine users who are ready and willing to spend money as soon as they find the right solution.

So how exactly does paid search marketing work, why should you care about it, how much will it cost you, and—importantly—how can your business get started to take advantage of all the benefits?

Without further ado, let’s answer all those questions and more. Read more

Sal Sferlazza

NinjaRMM 2019 Year in Review and 2020 Sneak Peek

This year was full of new additions at NinjaRMM: new features, new faces, new ways we’re making managing IT easier than ever.

Happy New Year, everyone. It’s that time again when I like to step back, take stock of everything we accomplished in the past year, and offer a sneak peek at some of the exciting things we have in store for the next 12 months. Read more

Team Ninja

The Ultimate Guide to Local SEO for MSPs

Local SEO for MSPs: The Ultimate Guide

Have big ambitions for growing your MSP business in 2020? Time to move up in the search rankings by mastering local SEO.

Local search engine queries have risen substantially in recent years.

Today, nearly half of all Google searches are conducted by consumers who are searching out local information and almost 90 percent of people rely on the internet to find local businesses.

In 2018, 27 percent of consumers — more than twice as many as in 2017 — went online daily to look for a local business. Additionally, 56 percent looked online for local businesses every single week (up from 41 percent) and 69 percent every month (up from 54 percent).

That’s cool and all, but why should you as an MSP business owner care? Because these local searches lead to purchases 28 percent of the time. Read more

Jonathan Crowe

12 Awesome, Free MSP Resources We’re Thankful For

Free MSP resources 2020 to be thankful for

We’re saying thanks to the individuals and teams behind a dozen free MSP resources that we’re grateful for everyday.

It’s one thing to do webcasts, podcasts, email newsletters, and blogs — pretty much every vendor does that these days. But it’s another thing to do all that stuff in an authentic, compelling way that’s actually beneficial to the community. In other words, it’s easy to pump out more content, and most people stop there. What’s hard is making sure it’s coming from the right place and that it doesn’t suck. That’s what all of the teams and individuals on this list shine at.

None of the following resources suck. Their creators are awesome contributors to the community who genuinely care about giving back. We’re insanely grateful for them, and we think they deserve a good shout-out! Read more

Team Ninja

Managed Services Websites: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

best managed services websites examples

“There are two kinds of MSPs in this world: Those with killer websites soaking up leads, and those stuck staying thirsty.”

— Clint Eastwood (probably)


The managed IT services market isn’t the wide-open space it used to be. Over half — 60 percent, to be exact — of the managed service providers we talked to in a recent survey described their local IT services market as “very” or “extremely” competitive.

What do you think is the best way for them to stand out? Read more

Jonathan Crowe

Top Phishing Lures and Malicious Email Disguises to Watch Out For

phishing email disguises 2019

Protect your clients from this year’s scariest scams and creepiest compromises by teaching them how to see through the most common malspam and phishing disguises.

To celebrate Halloween and the last day of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we’re shedding light on two of the most popular disguises criminals are using to sneak their way past defenses and into inboxes. Share these with your clients as a reminder to stay vigilant and what you’re hard at work protecting them from day in and day out. Read more

Rachel Spatz

MSP Marketing Ideas to Steal: Creative Direct Mail Campaigns Your Prospects Will Love

msp marketing ideas to steal

Want to win over new clients for your MSP business? Don’t overlook the power of direct mail. I’ve built a career on successful direct mail campaigns, and I’m sharing my tried-and-true secrets here.

Often, when MSPs first start seriously investing in marketing, they’re quick to assume it’s the digital channels they should be focused on — Google ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, etc.

Those channels can certainly yield results, but the truth is they take commitment. Dipping your toe in the water and jumping right back out typically isn’t effective. You’ve got to have enough budget that you’re willing to set aside for meaningful trial and error, and you’ve got to be okay with the fact that you may not see immediate results.

That’s why, when MSP partners come to us looking for marketing advice, we often ask them if they think they’ve pulled out all the stops with their non-digital efforts first. Specifically, are they doing everything they can to hone and formalize their referral marketing strategy? And have they seen any success with direct mail?

That’s right. Direct mail. Aka snail mail. Scoff if you will, but the fact is despite prospects being inundated with all things digital in this day and age — or perhaps because of it — the effectiveness of direct mail marketing is at an all-time high. Read more

Jonathan Crowe

MSPs: 6 Keys to Surviving a Ransomware Outbreak Across Your Client Base

MSP ransomware incident response planning

With client-wide infections being reported on a weekly basis, MSPs need to balance prevention with response planning, so when the worst happens, they’ll be ready.

Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with Huntress Labs CEO Kyle Hanslovan covering a topic on everyone’s minds — ransomware. Specifically, ransomware incidents where attackers have compromised MSPs, used their credentials to hijack the MSP’s legitimate software tools, and abused those tools to deploy ransomware across their entire client base.

Kyle has personally worked with nearly 40 MSPs who have been victims of these attacks. As a result, he’s seen and heard firsthand what owners and technicians go through, and learned what separates the ones who are able to successfully recover from the ones who don’t. Read more

Team Ninja

7 Tactics for Getting More Referrals for Your MSP Business

How to get more MSP referrals

Counting on client referrals as a primary driver of new business? Learn how to increase your volume and frequency without coming across as pushy or desperate.

As an MSP, referrals are likely your business’ best friend.

If you don’t have a lot of time or budget to devote to marketing, they’re probably what you’ve built your business on — and for good reason.

Peer-to-peer referrals are still considered the most influential form of advertising according to a Trust in Advertising report from Nielsen.

In fact, referrals are the most successful marketing tool for small businesses in the U.S. Referred customers tend to be more loyal than other customers, even having a 37 percent higher retention rate according to research from Deloitte.

Read more

Team Ninja

Introducing the NinjaRMM Mobile App, VMware Monitoring, and More

It’s been a busy summer in the NinjaRMM development dojo. The product team has been working around the clock leading up to our 4.3 release. Now that it’s officially launched we’re excited to share what’s new! Read more

Jonathan Crowe

Security by the Numbers: How MSPs are Using Endpoint Detection & Response Tools

With cyber attacks rapidly evolving and becoming more damaging, MSPs are actively seeking out fresh ways to level-up their security offerings beyond traditional antivirus (AV). For many, endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools represent a natural next step. But how many MSPs have actually adopted EDR? What about these tools works — and doesn’t work — for MSPs? And how does that compare with the traction EDR tools are getting in the internal IT world?

We surveyed 160 MSPs, MSSPs, and IT professionals to find out. But before we see what they said, a quick primer. Read more

Lewis Huynh

Ransomware Attacks Abusing RMMs: Why We’re Enforcing 2FA

In recent weeks there have been numerous reported incidents of attackers compromising MSPs and weaponizing their internal management tools to deploy ransomware across their customer base.

These attacks are obviously alarming, and helping our MSP partners mitigate this threat has become priority #1. Our team is working around the clock to implement a variety of additional security enhancements, including the following: Read more

Jonathan Crowe

How to Convert Break/Fix Customers to Managed Services: Do’s and Don’ts

how to convert break/fix clients to managed services

Note: The following is an excerpt from The Break/Fix to Managed Services Transition Kit, which includes a 4-step action plan making the switch to managed services along with bonus templates and tools you can use to get started right away.


Transitioning your IT business from a break/fix shop to a managed services shop is no small feat. It often involves completely revamping the way you and your techs work, and it requires you to make a variety of important decisions… Read more

Jonathan Crowe

2019 Cybersecurity Checklist: Practical Steps for Securing Your MSP Business

Cybersecurity checklist 2019

Over the course of 2019, MSPs have increasingly come under attack.

Ransomware criminals, in particular, have singled out MSPs and their customers as prime extortion targets, and they’ve adopted a new tactic that creates a nightmare scenario.

Rather than simply encrypt the MSP’s systems, attackers are using compromised MSP employee accounts to hijack the MSP’s software tools and use them to deploy ransomware to all of the MSP’s customers at once. Read more

Team Ninja

NinjaRMM Expands EMEA Operations, Adds Distribution Partner MultiPoint to Accelerate Rapid Growth

Exciting news on the EMEA front. NinjaRMM is continuing to solidify its rapidly expanding global presence, and we’re happy  to announce a strategic partnership with leading IT solutions distributor MultiPoint. This new partnership will help bring NinjaRMM to partners in IsraelGreeceCyprus, and Malta. Read more

Jonathan Crowe

What is EDR? A Clear Definition of Security’s Hottest Buzzword

what is edr

The security industry isn’t exactly known for its transparency and crystal-clear messaging. It’s a crowded and competitive market, packed with vendors feeling the pressure to differentiate themselves and keep up with competitors. These days, there’s a tendency to claim multilayered or “all-in-one” protection, but what exactly that consists of varies, and comparing offerings can be confusing.

It also doesn’t help that security terminology reads like alphabet soup.

One of the acronyms we’re seeing thrown around a lot lately is EDR, short for endpoint detection & response. Nearly every security vendor is now saying they offer some form of EDR, so let’s define what it is and explain what it does in relation to other products in your security stack. Read more

Jonathan Crowe

Managed Services Pricing Strategies to Boost Your Profitability in 2019

managed services pricing strategies 2019

Note: The following is an excerpt from The Break/Fix to Managed Services Transition Kit, which includes a 4-step action plan making the switch to managed services along with bonus templates and tools you can use to get started right away.


Managed services pricing strategy is a complex topic. There’s no single right way of doing things. It really all depends on factors that are unique to each provider and their clientele. A single blog post is only going to scratch the surface, so let’s keep things simple by hitting some basics. Then I’ll point you to a resource that goes into more depth that you can use to get into the nuts and bolts of your pricing. Read more

Jonathan Crowe

What is RMM Software? A Modern Definition Plus Evaluation Criteria for 2019

What is RMM software?

RMM is short for remote monitoring and management. As the name implies, RMM software is used to do two things: a) gather information from remote endpoints and networks to assess their health; and b) perform various remote IT management tasks on them without disruption. Read more