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New Feature Update: Introducing BitLocker Drive Encryption in NinjaRMM

ninjarmm new feature update 2

We're constantly adding new features and improvements to NinjaRMM based on feedback from our partners. The following is just one of several key feature updates included in Ninja's recent 5.0 release. 

Due to the inherent risk unencrypted disks pose to clients, full disk encryption management is a critical data protection service many MSPs offer to help clients minimize risk. Clients working in heavily regulated industries or those collecting personally identifiable information, financial information, or health data may be legally required to encrypt their drives. Loss of this type of data may lead to significant financial and/or business damage and harm to company reputation.

By highlighting both the inherent value of the data a client stands to lose and the potential cost of data loss, compliance challenge, or theft, MSPs can effectively position disk encryption as a managed service to clients.

Both Windows and Mac devices come with native disk encryption solutions called BitLocker and FileVault, respectively. By encrypting a disk, an MSP can ensure that the data contained on a device is unrecoverable without the original users password or a drive encryption key. This helps ensure bad actors cannot access critical business data. MSPs who want to offer disk encryption services need a way to monitor endpoints for their drive encryption status, collect and store encryption keys securely, report on encryption status, and enable or disable encryption as needed.

Disk encryption management in NinjaRMM


NinjaRMM automatically detects the encryption status of all drives on Mac and Windows devices that are encrypted via their native FileVault and BitLocker utilities. Each drive on a device will have a ‘BitLocker Status’ and ‘FileVault Status’ field marked as either ‘Enabled’ or ‘Disabled’.

RMM BitLocker encryption management


For Windows devices with BitLocker enabled, another field will display called ‘Recovery Key’ which when clicked shows the Bitlocker recovery key.


NinjaRMM BitLocker encryption recovery key management 1


Ninja also enables you to create notifications, alerts, and tickets based on disk encryption status. MSPs can use this feature to automatically identify unencrypted drives on newly onboarded devices and create a ticket to resolve the issue, resulting in billable work.


RMM BitLocker management encryption status 1


By automating the identification of encryption status, collecting recovery keys, and automating ticket creation, Ninja provides a powerful tool for MSPs to offer managed disk encryption services to their clients.

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