Lisa Harshman

2.18 Release Webinar – Cloudberry (beta), Closed Loop Alerting, and more

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new:

Cloudberry (beta)

  • Introducing Cloudberry – a fully integrated backup solution
  • Contact your account manager or for pricing

Customizable Branding

  • Brand the NinjaRMM portal (under Configuration / Branding)
  • Customize your web portal URL
  • Notification emails will come from

Closed Loop Alerting

  • Conditions that fire can now immediately reset themselves once the condition is no longer applicable. The feature is currently available for the following conditions: network utilization, CPU, memory, device down, and Windows Service.

Accelo Integration

  • Sync NinjaRMM devices to Accelo
  • Push alerts triggered in NinjaRMM to Accelo (and close alerts in NinjaRMM when closing the ticket)
  • Easy access to NinjaRMM device details and TeamViewer remote access within Accelo

Autotask Integration 2.0

  • Sync NinjaRMM devices to Autotask as configuration items
  • Enhanced ticketing integration with two-way callback

Connectwise Integration 2.0 Enhancements

  • Allow for multiple selection of agreement types and product types for billing sync

The recorded webinar is available below:

If you haven’t seen the release notes, they are available here.

We look forward to getting feedback for these awesome new features! Please feel free to reach out to or if you have any questions!