AJ Singh

Supporting Users and the Human Side of Being an MSP

There’s an actual person on the other end of that helpdesk ticket. We all know it, but that fact often gets lost over time. And it shouldn’t.

Many MSPs place their focus on the tools and technology that make being an MSP possible.  Terms like “multi-tenancy”, “remote”, and “automation” get MSPs excited, but if you were to try to sell a customer on the basis of the functionality and benefits these terms imply, would you make the sale? I doubt it, as most customers aren’t looking for an MSP to come in and install a bunch of tools; they are looking for someone who wants to partner with them to ensure their employees are secure and productive, making the business successful.

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Lisa Harshman

Event Recap: Webroot & NinjaRMM Cybersecurity Brew & Learn Series

Three cities, threw breweries, three days!

Last week, NinjaRMM and Webroot partnered to present a Brew & Learn series to local MSP’s in Atlanta, Tampa, and Miami. We focused on discussing the cybersecurity issues faced by MSPs in today’s challenging IT environment and how to be prepared to deal with these incidents. The presenters were:

Tyler Moffitt, Senior Threat Research Analyst, Webroot

Brian Coffey, Senior Channel Account Manager, Webroot

Armando Najera, Vice President of Business Development, NinjaRMM

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